How To: Use the Lead Management Feature

How To: Use the Lead Management Feature

The Lead Management tool better enables you to convert your leads into customers and ensures that those leads don’t get lost in the mix.

Contacts Tab:

Better manage your contacts with new, upgraded Contact lists: Customers, Leads, Builders, Decorators, and Vendors.

Lead Statuses:

  • When adding a new contact, it will default to Customer, but you can change it to a Lead in the drop-down menu.
  • Assign this lead to a salesperson. After doing so, the Lead Status will automatically change from Unassigned to Assigned.
    • There are additional labels you can use to help track your lead status – First Contact, Second Contact, Appointment Scheduled, and Quoted.
  • After scheduling an appointment for your lead, the status will automatically change to Appointment Scheduled. The same applies for when you have created a quote for this lead – the status will automatically change to Quoted.
  • If a lead sits in any status for more than 3 days, it will turn orange, and then red, to signal that special attention should be paid to this lead. 
  • Once the quote has been converted to an Order, the lead will automatically change into a Customer. This will remove the contact from the Lead contact list, and into the Customer contact list.

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